most powerful words in marketing

Headline A: ‘How To Make More Money’

Headline B: ‘3 Secrets That Will Instantly Boost Your Profits For Free’

Which headline is more appealing?

It’s a no-brainer than headline number two is more compelling, but why? It has to do with the language.

Heavy hitting words like secrets, instantly, your and free make the difference between a lackluster headline and a completely click-worthy one.

You can make the same kind of transformation on your own headlines and ad copy by incorporating these powerful marketing words whenever possible.



The most powerful word in advertising. It’s all about the consumer.

In high school English we’re taught never to use the word you, and to this day I don’t understand why.

You builds the connection with the reader. You is how we speak in conversation. Whenever you can make your writing more conversational, it’s an automatic win.



What’s better than a discount? A freebie. That’s why offers to Buy One Get One Free! or get a Free Gift with Purchase! are so popular.

Offering something for free, even if it’s a simple add-on to a moderately priced product, is a surefire way to capture more attention.



Great marketing helps people understand how a product will make their lives better. Because is the word that helps you get there.

Next time you write some sort of offer, try tacking the work because onto the end of it.

“Subscribe to our newsletter because you’ll be the first to know each time we run a sale on your favorite products.”

The word itself can often be eliminated from sales copy, but using it is a good exercise to help you get down to the “why” for your customers.



A concise way to say “if you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back.”

Guaranteed and risk-free make people feel secure in spending their money with you.



Who doesn’t want to learn a secret from a qualified expert?

Positioning your intel as a secret you’re willing to share can breed lots of clicks—but the payoff better deliver. In other words, only promise a secret if the knowledge you’re about to share is truly unique, little-known and valuable.



In our on-demand world, consumers want an instant payoff. Work to deliver one whenever possible so you can promise as much in your copy.


Limited Time

Limited time offers are a proven tactic for driving would-be buyers to pull the trigger.

Once of my favorite strategies is to offer new customers or subscribers a limited time upgrade offer—meaning, they can get a disproportionate amount more for their money when they spend just a little more with my client, but the clock is ticking.

Word to the wise: don’t be a scammy limited-time-offeror. If you say something is only available for a limited time, make it so. If the customer sees the same price advertised again later, you’ll lose their trust forever.



It’s one of those words that’s so easy to use, and it can make almost anything sound better. I’m not saying throw it around willy-nilly, but if something you’re offering truly is easy, say so.


Don’t Miss

Another term that implies a sense of urgency. Use it with your best offers or most special pieces of content to tell lackadaisical readers “Hey! This is something good you don’t want to miss!”

Of course, the best way to improve your copywriting is to practice–and to read work from the masters. This is my bible when it comes to copywriting. I’ve had the same copy since college and I go back to it over and over again. If you’re truly committed to becoming a better writer, I highly recommend picking it up. Enjoy!


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Tami Brehse

Tami Brehse

Tami is a television news anchor turned digital marketing consultant who helps small businesses achieve their PR and marketing goals.
Tami Brehse
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